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How Much is Invisalign

Why Invisalign®?

There are other aligner systems out there, but Invisalign® has been around the longest and is the largest manufacturer of clear aligners having treated over 10 million cases worldwide! Invisalign® has invested heavily into patented technologies such as SmartTrack aligner material that helps straighten teeth safely and efficiently. Other aligner brands do not produce the same results. While most systems will deliver a positive result, it may not be an optimum result. Our practice philosophy is to deliver the best results, so we only use the best, and that is Invisalign®.

Dental Monitoring

The Most Advanced
Remote Dental Monitoring

Smart Technology That Can Fit Your Lifestyle
  • Weekly scans from the comfort of your home.
  • Easy & convenient for busy lives.
  • The Dental Monitoring app loads to any smart phone.
  • Personalised report to keep you on track.
  • Provides the tick of approval to progress to your next aligner.
  • Interactive conversation direct to specialist for additional assistance.
Dental Monitoring

We Don’t Just Straighten Teeth.

We Take Teeth Straightening to the Next Level!

We look at how your teeth and jaws support your soft tissues which shape your face. Considering dentoskeletal and oral-facial aesthetics is so important to the overall result. Our specialist has crafted thousands of beautiful Invisalign® smiles. This wealth of experience combined with our smile design experts will ensure you are receiving best version of your smile!

To find out more about how Invisalign® can improve your smile, book a free consultation.

What is Invisalign®?

  • Invisalign® is a sequential clear aligner system.
  • Acrylic aligners are custom moulded to your teeth and apply gentle forces to move your teeth.
  • Invisalign® is an excellent alternative to braces as the aligners are nearly invisible and in most cases can achieve the same result as braces.

How Much Does Invisalign® Cost?

Invisalign® cost is dependent on the the number of aligners required to achieve an optimum result. At the time of your consultation we will recommend one of four Invisalign® packages (Express/Lite/Moderate/Comprehensive). Only once you decide to proceed with Invisalign® treatment, there is a deposit and the remaining fees can be placed onto a payment plan for eligible individuals.

You can select a package and repayment term below to have an idea of the repayment cost.

Invisalign® Price Calculator

1. Select your plan

2. Adjust your terms

Interest Free Repayment Amount

/m for months
6 mths 24 mths

* Deposits can be reduced in special cases
Dr Laura Jarvis Invisalign
Laura Jarvis Invisalign®

Your New Smile in 4 Simple Steps


Book a *free consultation

In your first consultation we will: Assess you for Invisalign® treatment. Take photos. Take a 3D radiograph (CBCT). Scan your teeth with an intra-oral scanner.


Receive Your Aligners

In your second appointment we will place the attachments, provide Dental Monitoring training, and setup a payment plan if required.


Review / Refinements

On review/refinement appointments we will assess how things are coming along. Refinement scans and additional aligners will be issued where additional corrections are required. 


Attachment removal / *Retention

To complete the treatment your attachments will be removed and lingual wires will be placed for retention. Occasionally additional retainers are needed to be worn over night. 

*Free consult includes examination, photos, and intra-oral scan. Consult will provide information on time, cost, and an orthodontic assessment, however any radiographs are additional such as an OPG/CBCT if required. Aligners will be ordered at the time of deposit.
*Free consult applies to non fund members. Consults and radiographs for fund members will be charged as ‘no gap’ to ensure no out of pocket expenses.
*Attachments are a minimum requirement, there may also be the need for buttons, elastics, and IPR.
*Retention zig-zag wires are included in the cost of Invisalign. Additional retainers such as a Hawley appliance or an occlusal splint are additional.

Invisalign® Made to Move!

Collaborating with Australia’s leading female Invisalign® provider.

Planned by smile design experts & Australia’s leading female Invisalign® specialist holding Black Diamond status in 2021.

Remote Digital Monitoring for fewer visits.

3D scanning technology.

Affordable cost.

Payment Plans available.

Create the best version of your smile!

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