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Have you just been to the dentist and something doesn’t feel quite right?  While your dentist may have provided you with the appropriate treatment or treatment option, you may need some extra reassurance. Dental treatment involves caring for your precious teeth and can be expensive so it is no wonder you want to make sure you are receiving the right advice. At Element Dental, our experienced practitioners understand this importance and care for your teeth as we care for our own. 

Common dental problems that people request a second opinion on are:

  • root canal pain
  • wisdom teeth removal
  • dental implants
  • cracked teeth

In most cases the feeling of uncertainty as to what to do is due to a lack of information and often feeling insufficient time has been allocated on your appointment. At Element Dental we do things differently.

How do we approach a second dental opinion?

  1. We listen to you and the history of your problem.
  2. We can request radiographs and notes at your request to reduce the need for additional radiographs.
  3. Provide a comprehensive assessment to ensure a correct diagnosis.
  4. Discuss your treatment options in detail.
  5. Provide a prioritized quotation containing number of appointments, cost for each appointment, and the urgency of the treatment. Dental treatment can be expensive and we can advise you of any dental treatment that can safely be delayed.
  6. Finance options can be discussed as required.

If you would like a second opinion on your teeth, you can book a consultation appointment with one of our experienced dentists.   

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