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Teeth Whitening Central Coast

Teeth Whitening Central Coast

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A beautiful bright smile is very attractive. Over the years our diet creates intrinsic staining that is only removed through a hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide product. At Element Dental we use TGA approved products providing the safest and most effective whitening system available.

Whitening Systems

There are three main systems for whitening teeth available on the market.

Over-the-counter products – Provides minimal results.

In-chair – Whitening can be applied at a high concentration (25-40% hydrogen peroxide) by a qualified health professional using Philips ZOOM or other products, however the results are also minimal and there is considerable relapse. This system is suited to those looking to have speedy whitening, however it is essential to use a take home whitening kit for the best results. 

Take home whitening system – This is the most effective whitening system available. It provides outstanding results with the lowest rate of relapse and is the system we use here at Element Dental. It involves the gentle use of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gel for two to four weeks at home. This system is easy and affordable to maintain and is our recommended option to achieve outstanding whitening results.

How do I prepare for whitening?

Teeth need to be free of decay and abrasion lesions prior to any whitening procedure so an exam and clean is recommended prior to whitening. Any sensitivity issues must also be resolved prior to whitening.  Whitening should be avoided during pregnancy. 

With our teeth whitening treatments in the Central Coast, you can achieve a healthy beautiful smile!

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